Reopening – Thursday, 2 July 2020

We are delighted to welcome you back to our little Gallery on the Ormeau Road from Thursday 2nd of July 2020.
We will be offering a range of new services to allow our customers to experience the Gallery and Framing Services in a way that meets their personal needs and comfort levels. Details of these new services will be shared in the coming days.
We have missed you all so very much and can’t wait to get back to what we do best – fantastic framing and match making between our wonderful clientele and beautiful pieces of art. And just to reassure you, Prosecco Saturdays is still on!
See you soon!
Meabh and Dylan Banks
The Hallows x


At The Hallows Gallery, all framing is carried out by Dylan Wyn Banks GCF (APF). Dylan was certified by the Fine Art Trade Guild following rigorous testing of his framing skillset – both the on hand practical work and his theoretical knowledge. The Hallows Gallery Framer, Dylan Wyn Banks is the only framer in Belfast to hold the new qualification of GCF (APF). The old style Commended Framer qualification is no longer current, and has been replaced internationally by the Certified Framer qualification.

The aim of the Certified Framer scheme is to distinguish the skilled and committed framer from the semi-skilled, and to help the public select a qualified professional framer who will apply a high level of expertise to the conservation and display of their artwork. Guild Certified Framers commit to CPD (Continual Professional Development), and recertification every two years. Working with a Certified Framer guarantees you that the framer is up to date with current industry standards and practice, and also that they are a current member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, and subscribe to the Guild’s Code of Ethics.

Guild Certified Framers are competent to give up to date advice on technical and conservation matters, as well as design and presentation, while keeping to a budget.


The Fine Art Trade Guild specifies five appropriate levels of framing using different qualities of materials and framing techniques. Our framer will help you choose the right level of framing for your piece. The level chosen can affect cost, but more importantly, the level of protection and conservation provided too.

Museum Level

This is the highest quality framing available, using premium archival grade materials for lifetime protection. Any ‘high value’ or irreplaceable artwork or artefact should be framed at this level. All processes are fully reversible.

Conservation Level

Our preferred minimum level of workmanship. All techniques are reversible and use conservation (archival) grade materials to protect the artwork. This level is suitable for medium to high commercial or sentimental value items, and provides protection for at least 20 years.

Commended Level

This is the Guild’s third highest framing level. It serves two purposes, in that it is about visually enhancing work while providing fair protection. At the Hallows, we view this as the minimum level we will work to.

Budget Level

This is suitable only for replaceable artwork of no commercial or sentimental value. It is about providing a visually acceptable frame, but makes no allowance for protecting the artwork or it’s long term visual appearance.

Minimum Level

To provide a basic frame at minimum cost – price overrides visual aesthetics and quality. Suitable for temporary display only. It should be noted that many of the pre-made frames available at larger retailers fall well below even this minimum standard. We are unable to offer framing at this level at The Hallows Gallery.